A Nine-point Algorithm for Estimating Para-Catadioptric Fundamental Matrices

Christopher Geyer   &   Henrik Stewénius

The code provided here is described in the paper:
  author = {C. Geyer and H. Stew\'enius},
  title = {A Nine-point Algorithm for Estimating Para-Catadioptric Fundamental Matrices},
  booktitle = CVPR,
  month = JUN,
  year = 2007
and was written in 2005 by Henrik Stewénius. You are free to use it for academic applications but for other uses you have to contact the University of Kentucky, Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments for Licensing.


  • M2 Script to understand the problem. You get Macaulay 2 from http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/.
  • Matlab-code, The matlab code first generates c-code for building the matrices, this c-code is then compiled. For this to work you need Matlab setup so that you have both a working symbolic-toolbox and a compiler.
  • Matlab with mexglx, same as above but after the code generation has been done and compiled on a Linux box. It also contains all the mex-files as m-files so that it will run (slowly) even if the mex is not compiled for your machine.
    Henrik Stewénius