Anywhere Pixel Compositor





From left to right (a) A high-level schematic of the compositor design with four inputs and four outputs. (b) A sample configuration to connect 16 inputs to 16 outputs. Any pixel from any input can be routed to any location in any output. (c) an early version of our compositor. (d) the current version of our compositor



Even with the recent rapid advancement in hardware, the demand from high-end graphics applications (including video games) seems to always outpace the capability that a single GPU can offer. Graphics hardware vendors are now offering dual or even quad GPU configurations (such as NVIDIA¡¯s SLI and ATI¡¯s CrossFire technology). As we migrate from a single GPU to multiple GPUs or eventually GPU clusters, how to effectively assemble the final image from these distributed rendering nodes becomes an important issue. Here we propose to develop a flexible pixel compositor to solve this problem. Our compositor is capable of performing an arbitrary mapping of pixels from any input frame to any output frame, and executing typical composition operations at the same time.



Ruigang Yang (University of Kentucky)

Vijai Raghunathan (University of Kentucky, graduate 2007)

Subhasri.K (University of Kentucky, graduate 2007)

Steve Dominick (University of Kentucky)

Anselmo Lastra (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


PixelRouter Result Video (MP4 file)

Low Resolution (1.6M)

High Resolution (8.9M)


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Ruigang Yang, Anselmo Lastra

34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH), Article No. 10, 2007 (PDF)






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