EE 639 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing and Communication

Fall 2004: Multimedia Information System

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Recommended books

D. Feng, W-C. Siu, H-J. Zhang (Eds.) Multimedia Information Retrieval and Management: Technological Fundamentals and Applications (Signal and Communication Technology) Springer-Verlag. 2003.

S. Theodoridis and K. Koutroumbas. Pattern Recognition, Second Edition. Academic Press. 2003.

Z.-N. Li and M. S. Drew. Fundamentals of Multimedia. Prentice-Hall, 2003.

B.S. Manjunath et al. (Eds.) Introduction to MPEG-7: Multimedia Content Description Language John Wiley & Sons. 2002.

I. J. Cox, M. L. Miller, J. A. Bloom. Digital Watermarking. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. 2002.

V. Castelli and L. D. Bergman (Eds.) Image Databases: Search and Retrieval of Digital Imagery. Wiley-Interscience. 2001.

A. Puri and Tsuhan Chen (Eds.). Multimedia Systems, Standards, and Networks. Marcel Dekker. 2000.

A. Del Bimbo. Visual Information Retrieval. Morgan Kaufmann. 1999.

Lecture 1 and 2: Applications and Overview

N. Dimitrova et al. Applications of Video-Content Analysis and Retrieval. IEEE Multimedia Magazine. Vol. 9. Issue 3. 2002. p. 42-55.

MPEG Requirements Group. MPEG-7 Applications ISO/MPEG N4676, Jeju, Mar. 2002.

N. Dimitrova Multimedia Content Analysis: the Next Wave. CIVR 2003. LNCS 2728. pp. 9-18.

L. D. Bergman et al. SPIRE:a digital library for scientific information. Int. Journal on Digital Libraries. Vol. 3. No. 1. July 2000. p. 85-99.

C. Kamath et al. Experiences in mining data from computer simulations. New Generation of Data Mining Applications. Piscataway, NJ:IEEE Press. 2004.

H. Muller et al. A Review of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems in Medical Applications - Clinical Benefits and Future Directions. International Journal of Medical Informatics Vol. 73. No. 1. Feb. 2004, p 1-23.

Lecture 3,4 and 5: Multimedia Representation and Compression

The following books are reserved in the library:

Some of the topics that I skimmed through in the classes are covered in much greated details in the following set of notes by Professors Ze-Nian Li and Mark S. Drew of Simon Fraser Univeristy. Their wonderful book Fundamentals of Multimedia, Prentice Hall, 2003, will soon be put on reserve.

You can also read more about the latest advances in video coding in the following articles:

Lecture 6: Text information retrieval

For some historical prospective, read
M. Lesk. The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval UDT Occasional Papars. International Federation of Library Associations and Insitutions. March 1996.

The survey report by Ed Greengrass in 2000 is probably a bit overkill for this course but it provides a comprehensive review of the entire field of text infomation retrieval.

Some of the basic text IR concepts are introduced in the following article:
V. Gudivada et al. Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web. IEEE Internet Computing Magazine. September-October 1997. Pages 58-68.

Text IR on the web has made a lot of progress from that depicted in the previous article. For a more up-to-date review, read the following article. We will come back later to some of the statistical concepts introduced in this paper.
S. Chakrabarti. Data mining for hypertext: A tutorial survey. SIGKDD Explorations, 1:1--11,2000

Lecture 6,7,8,9 : Color/Texture/Shape Features for CBIR

Chapter 1 of Feng, Siu and Zhang

M. Flickner. Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System

T. Gevers, Color In Image Search Engines.

Greg Pass Ramin Zabih, Justin Miller, Comparing Images Using Color Coherence Vectors

N. Sebe and M.S. Lew, Texture Features for Content-Based Retrieval.

B.S. Manjunath et. al. Color and Texture Descriptors.

T. Sikora. The MPEG-7 Visual Standard for Content Description - An Overview

S. Loncaric. A survey of shape analysis.

D. Zhang and G. Lu. Review of shape representation and description techniques

Lecture 10 : Distance measures for CBIR

S. Santini and R. Jain. Similarity Measures

Y. Rubner, C. Tomasi, L.J. Guibas. The Earth Mover's Distance as a metric for image retrieval. E. Levina and P. Bickel. The Earth Mover's Distance is the Mallows Distance: Some Insights from Statistivcs.

Extra: Efficient video similarity measurement

The following paper describes my work on video signature.

Cheung, S.-C. and A. Zakhor. 2003. Efficient video similarity measurement with video signature. In IEEE Transactions on Circuits, and Systems for Video Technology. Piscataway. NJ:IEEE. 13 (1):59-74.

Lecture 11 : Video shot boundary detection

Chapter 2 and 4 of Feng, Siu and Zhang

R. Lienhart. Comparison of Automatic shot boundary detection algorithms

I. Koprinska and S. Carrato. Temporal Video Segmentation: A Survey.

S. Lefvre, J. Holler and N. Vincent. A review of real-time segmentaiton of uncompressed video sequences for content-based search and retrieval

J. S. Boreczky and L. D. Wilcox. A Hidden markov model framework for video segmentation using audio and image features

N. Vasconcelos and A. Lippman. Statistical Models of Video Structure for Content Analysis and Characterization.

This paper is not on shot-boundary detection but a technique to extract DC-images from compressed MPEG-2 stream.

J. Song and B.-L. Yeo. Fast Extraction of Spatially Reduced Image Sequences from MPEG-2 Compressed Video

Also I highly recommend looking around the TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation website.

Lecture 12 : Multimodal Indexing

C.G.M. Snoek and M. Worring. 2005. Multimodal Video Indexing: A Review of the State-of-the-art

S. Satoh, Y. Nakamura, and T. Kanade. 1999. Name-It: Naming and Detecting Faces in News Videos

Lecture 15,16 : Pattern Recognition

A.K. Jain, R.P.W. Duin, and J. Mao. 2000. Statistical Pattern Recognition: A Review

M. I. Jordan. Chapter Chapter 10 (just 10.1) and Chapter 11 in his upcoming book "An Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Models".

Lecture 17 : SVM

B. Scholkopf and A. Smola Chapter 1 of "Learning with kernels".

C. Burges, A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines for Pattern Recognition, Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, pp. 121-167, 1998.

Lecture 18: Relevance Feedback and Active Learning

Chapter 3 of Feng, Siu and Zhang

M. Crucianu, M. Fereacatu, N. Boujemaa, Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval: A short survey

N. Roy and A. McCallum, Toward Optimal Active Learning through Sampling Estimation of Error Reduction.

S. Tong and E. Chang. Support vector machine active learning for image retrieval. Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pages 107, 2001.

Lecture 19: Similarity Search

Chapter 9 of Feng, Siu and Zhang

V.S. Subrahmanian. Principles of Multimedia Database Systems (reserved in library)

V. Castelli, "Multidimensional Indexing Structures for Content-Based Retrieval," in Image Databases: Search and Retrieval of Digital Imagery. (handout in class)

C. Bohm, S. Berchtold, D. A. Keim, Searching in High-dimensional spaces - index structures for improving the performance of multimedia databases, ACM Computing Surveys. 2001.

Lecture 20: Feature Extraction

A. Hyvarinen and E. Oja, Independent Component Analysis: Algorithms and Applications Neural Networks, 13(4-5):411-430, 2000.

Lecture 21: Feature Selection

Lecture 22: Distance Preserving Mapping

J. Tenenbaum, V. de Silva, J. C. Langford, A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction. Science, Vol. 290, December 2000.

S. Roweis, L. K. Saul, Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Embedding. Science, Vol. 290, December 2000.

G.R. Hjaltason, H. Samet, Properties of Embedding Methods for Similarity Searching in Metric Spaces. PAMI Vol. 25, No. 5, May 2003.

Digital Right Managements

Selected chapters from "Digital Rights Management: Technological, Economic, Legal and Political Aspects":

Lecture 23-24 : Digital Watermarking

R. Chandramouli, N. Memon, M. Rabbani, Digital Watermarking

F. Hartung and M. Kutter, Multimedia Watermarking Techniques

G. Doerr, J.-L. Dugelay, A guide tour of video watermarking

A. Sequeira and D. Kundur, Communication and Information Theory in Watermarking: A Survey

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