EE 639 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing and Communication

Fall 2004: Multimedia Information System

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Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Professor Shih-Fu Chang from Columbia University for sharing his lecture slides on Visual Information System with me.

Links to various demo:
8/25 Applications
8/27 Course Overview
8/30 Fundamentals of Multimedia
9/1,3 Lossy compression
9/8,10 Video compression
9/13 Text Information Retrieval
9/15 CBIR with color
9/17 CBIR with texture
9/20,22 CBIR with shape
9/24,27 Distances and Simple Relevance Feedback
10/4 Efficient Video Similarity Measurement
9/27, 10/6 Video boundary detection
10/8 Multimodal Video Indexing
10/11 Video Surveillance Application I: Background subtraction (Dr. Amit Kale)
10/15 Video Surveillance Application II: Algorithms for Human Identification using a Monocular Video Sequence (Dr. Amit Kale)
10/18 Statistical pattern recognition
10/20,22 GMM Modeling and EM Algorithm
10/25,27,29 Guest lectures on audio retrieval by Dr. Kevin Donohue
11/3,5 Support Vector Machines
11/8 Relevance Feedback and Active Learning
11/10 Data Structures for Fast Similarity Search
11/15,17 Dimension Reduction I: Feature Extraction
11/17,19 Dimension Reduction II: Feature Selection
11/19,22 Dimension Reduction III: Distance Preserving Mappings
11/29,12/1 Digital Watermarking Introduction
12/1, 12/3 Digital Watermarking Implementation

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