EE 639 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing and Communication

Fall 2004: Multimedia Information System

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Course Description

This course introduces important technologies and standards in building Multimedia Information Systems (MIS). The emphasis will be on using signal processing and pattern recognition techniques for representing, coding, search, visualizing, and protecting multimedia. Students will be evaluated based on bi-weekly homework assignments, a final project and a presentation.

Expected outcomes of student learning


D. Feng, W.C. Siu, and H.J. Zhang (Eds.) Multimedia Information Retrieval and Management: Technological Fundamentals and Applications. Signals and Communication Technology Series. Springer-Verlag. 2003.

Additional research papers and lecture notes will be posted on the website.


Students should be familiar with signal and image processing techniques and basic probability theory. Those who have taken EE 640 (Stochastic System) and EE 635 (Image Processing) should have adequate background, though they can be taken concurrently. Students also need to be familiar with Matlab and one of the high-level programming languages like C++ or Java.


There will be bi-weekly homework assignments, a final project and a project presentation.

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