Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Yaira Rivera

Yaira Rivera

2011 Summer Intern

University of Puerto Rico, Rîo Pierdras

Project: EDUCE Enhanced Digital Unwrapping for Conservation and Exploration



Journal Entries

June 17

This week was the first one that I got to work in the Vis center. We started the weekend by learning about the project that was assigned to us and getting to know the people we had to work with. We also set up our workspaces and began to read some of the material needed and install some of the tools we need in the computer in order to make the project. In addition to this, Julie explained us what we need to do for the final project and told us the days we were going to meet up to talk about our advances in the project and about the powerpoint presentation we have to make for the final week of the summer internship.

June 24

This week was more interesting since we started getting more familiarized with our projects and we thought of ways of how to make them with the use of the tools we learned to use last week. We had several meetings to have a clearer view of what we are going to do on the next weeks and to talk about what we think our project was to see if we were going on the right direction.  We started writing on our lab notebook the important things we find out during the process of making the project.

I’ve looked at some of the images of the scrolls and have tried different implementations in order to slice them up so that we can see each of the slices separately. I’ve done this with the use of ITK, Seg3D and Unu where each of them has a different purpose (ITK is to get image data and do several processes to it, Unu is to see the image more in depth and Seg3D is to display the images we get from the output of ITK and Seg3D). In addition to this, Dr.Seales and Julie Martinez told us to make a demo of what we have been working on to present it at the end of the week.

July 8
How can we create and algorithm that can be used to open up the scrolls by using volumetric/image processing methods?

July 18
On this week Kyle and I installed VTK. This will help us create a mesh that we need for the scroll data. We were able to create a mesh by using poly data which lets you create a mesh basically by using different mathematical formulas. In this case we used a spiral creator formula which allowed the shapes to be in a spiral way and create the shape of a scroll. Also, I attended to the weekly seminar which consisted of learning how to do power point presentations using the Latex program.