Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos

2011 Summer Intern

University of Puerto Rico, Rîo Pierdras

Project: FoLIO



Journal Entries
June 18

The week started with Julie introducing us to our workspace. We got to meet the other people participating in the internship and become familiar with our workspace. On the middle of the week we attended meetings with Julie, Frank, and Ryan to discuss our projects. We read background information of the projects and reviewed the programming languages we would be using, then we installed the software we would need. The following weeks should be busier.

June 24

This week Dr. Breant Seales made an appearance and we had a meeting with him, where he explained to us in more detail what we have to do for our projects. We also assisted our first seminar this week and started writing on our lab notebooks. Then for the end of the week we were assigned to have a demo of what we have been working on to show to Julie and Dr. Seales. I loaded a PostgreSQL database with example data to work with soon, checked and worked with example code for Image Registration in ITK and I tried that example code with some of the Chad Gospel images to see how it turned out as well as with some other images I would find on the internet.

July 8

This week we had to send to Julie what we thought was our research question and we had a seminar on LaTeX.

I have been loading images for the CHS Image Service I have to work with. I was also adding entries to the relational database for that service. While I’ve added images and entries to the database I have also been developing the relationship mapping for those images in xml. In addition to this I have been studying example code for image registration and trying the program with different images. Hopefully next week we’ll have a conference call with Prof. Chris Blackwell from Furman University to clarify how the CHS Image Service works.

July 8
In research many questions may arise. For me they have been ones like “What is image Registration? How do I implement it in ITK?” and “What is the CHS Image Service? How do I get it to work? What does it need?” A questiont hat has been in my mind is: “How do I bring the CHS Image Service and image registration together?”

Research question: How do I join the CHS Image Service with the image registration implementation

Weekly Journal – Week 5 (July1-July15)

This week we had a presentation on creativity in research and another presentation given by Bill Andrews.

I was able to have the conference call with Chris Blackwell and he clarified many things about the CHS image service and the FoLIO project. I was able to get the CHS image service working; I had to make some changes in the relational database and had to properly convert the images to piramidal tif for it to work. Chris Blackwell also sent me a sample of the images for the example database, which was Chad1912, and I loaded them. I was also reading up on image registration to make a program that is appropriate for registering two or more manuscript pages (the existing image registration examples do not give expected results). I have been thinking of how the user-interface should be and have some ideas