Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Juan de Dios Santos

Juan de Dios Santos

2010 Summer Intern

University of Puerto Rico, Rîo Pierdras Campus

Major: Computer Science

Project: STITCH Eye Tracker


Journal Entries

June 16

I’ve been working on the STITCH Project. The project is very interesting because of all the things that it do and how they all integrated. I have seen some of the tools they use to make the tests and they even run some tests on me.  On these two weeks I have meet some of “masterminds” of the STITCH Project.
One of them is Dr. Carswell who told me about the project and some of the students  who works with the tools (Rusty and Will).

For the first days I was getting familiar with the project and it tools. I learned how to use some of them (VocalTLX and faceLAB) and saw some of the code that is behind them. Right now I am working on a software that use the logs files from two of programs and organize the data in an “user-friendly” form.

June 23

Since last week I’ve working on a project that Matt gave me. Like I said in my last entry, the program takes the log files from two files and organize them in an user-friendly form. Until now, the program is going pretty well, I already have the “skeleton” and with that I mean, the algorithms needed to run through the whole document and the data structure that I’ll be using to store the data. What I need right now is to know which data exactly I need to store in the new file that my program is making, but Matt is going to email me that info, and then I’ll need to make some modifications to my code to store them.

Overall, it’s been a good week and I’m feeling really confident with my work because I’m understanding it much better and I really like what I’m doing.

July 5

This week was pretty fun! There’s nothing much to tell but I did some progress in the program I am working. The program is running and it is doing everything it’s supposed to do. Right now, I am double checking everything, because I want to be sure the results are 100% accurate. I sent Matt an email telling him everything I’ve done and a copy of one of the log files created by my program. I am waiting on some feedback by him and his instructions to be sure of what my next step will be.

July 8

As you may already know my project is part of the STITCH Project. The general purpose of the STITCH Project is to use some tools to analyze and study the performance of a surgeon during certain tasks, and improve it performance and make the job less stressful. My role in this project is related to two of the multiples tools, the dualDisplay and the faceLAB eye tracker. While using these tools, they create multiple log files that contains lot of data, and it is very hard to analyze that “raw” data, so my job is to take all that data and put it in a user friendly way to make the analysis more easier.

July 26

What have I learned from this experience? Since I got here, I’ve learned a lot of new things. First of all, I’ve learned to work in group, with people who shares the same interests I have. I’ve learned how to approach a problem in a very different way. Normally I just make a Google search, or read a book and done, but in these two months I’ve learned the meaning of the word “research”, I’ve learned how to dig for information, how to study it and finally how to apply it and use it. In addition, the most important thing is that now I am feeling more confident with myself.

Now putting aside all the deep and pretty stuff, I have learned a little about Java, C++, how to work with libraries and about coal in KY!