Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Carla López Narváez

Carla López Narváez

2010 Summer Intern

University of Puerto Rico, Rîo Pierdras Campus

Computer Science

Project: Imaging the Iliad iPad App

Journal Entries

June 16

In the Vis Center I start working with Zach Whelchel doing a 3D Manuscript Visualization of The Iliad on the Ipad. I start learning some stuff like Objective-C and how to work with another person in a same project. Basically in this two weeks we were doing a Search Algorithm that finds an specific word in all the text of the Iliad and its going very good, we are almost done. After we finished that we are going to start working with loading the images (original, 3D and UVI) to the app from the server or the database. So I think that in the next two or three weeks we are going to start working with the user interface to make our app “super cool”.    🙂

June 23

This week we were still working with the search algorithm. We were working in how to get the unique, next and repeated text of the folio (image). But we were having a lot of trouble doing it. We tried a lot of different things but nothing was working perfectly, so today we ask Ryan how to do the parse to get all the information that we want. So right now we are cropping the original images of the Iliad and fixing a little bit more our xml until Ryan finish helping us with the parse. We hope to present something GOOD for the next week!

July 2

This week we start cropping by hand all the original images of the Iliad and fixing the xml file of the Iliad, because it had a lot of tags that weren’t necessary for us. After that I started working with the information that Ryan gave us. I start learning a little bit of Xpath and how to manage the xml in an efficient way. So I start working with the previous, next and unique text once again but know having more efficient results, by now I’m getting the unique text and I hope that for today I can get the previous and next text! I’m ready so start working in the UI, but first I need to put all the images at the database so next week I need to talk to Ryan or Matt for start doing that. 🙂

July 8

My Research Problem:
How to bring “The Iliad” from the oldest form of print to the newest form of print on the iPad.

July 27

This was my first time doing an internship and also outside of PR and I enjoy it so much! This new experience help me how to work with new people and combine all our ideas to make a great job, how to manage and resolve the problems we found each day during the process of our research and how to apply the stuff we had learned through our lives and also keep learning new things in order to accomplish our research and be greater person professionally. I will love to do more research in the future!