Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center


Since the end is coming we had a meeting about what we are going to be able to deliver as a final project. We discussed the difficulties that we have had during this summer and the objectives that we have achieved until now. I’m so excited and I have a lot of ideas about what I want to deliver but the reality is that the time is running out. I hope to achieve my expectations for this project, to create a dynamic ancient manuscript application in the web that will give new aspects and new ways of seeing this valuable manuscript. The app will contain translations from different languages, media such as low-res images, multispectral images, videos, and 3D. I feel satisfied for the work that I have done and I’ll continue doing stuff until the last minute in order to deliver a successfully final work. But this won’t ends here because there’s a lot of future work that can be done by others students or staff, such as add another manuscripts or trees to InfoForest. Also it can be implemented in different platforms in addition of iOS, Android and Web.

A growing perspective…

I wanted to do a summer research to obtain work experience that can help me in my studies and for a future work, but what I didn’t imagine was that this opportunity would change my life. Actually I’m studying Electrical Engineering but I had a blurry vision of what I’ll study because I wanted to do a double bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Another option that I was thinking was to finish my current bachelor and find my way to graduate school. And this research allowed me to have a clearer vision. I learned to work as a team to achieve a goal. In a long term, I visualized myself in the States to continue studying and for work so I also improve my English skills, which will help me in my future. I’ll never say again that I don’t know how to do something, I won’t give up and I’ll learn how to do it. “You never know what you can do until you try”. I’m not studying Computer Science so I didn’t know some of the stuff in which I’m working on, but I tried. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”. I’m thankful for this amazing opportunity that helped me intellectually grow up.



“Education is the best gift you could ever receive, because once you have it, no one can ever take it from you.”


4th of July week!

This week was a little different; we did a lot of interesting things. Here the celebration of the Independence Day it’s different from Puerto Rico’ celebration. First of all, we went to a good concert that Dr. Seales and his family invited us. The next day I went to Downtown to see the 4th of July parade and then at night I went back again with the REU group (another research program of UK) to watch the fireworks. I had fun in all these new experiences.

Now talking about the project, this week I successfully fetched the data directly from the server using an URL for the manuscript pictures that are located in the server. In the other hand, this week I have been working in the 3D viewer so in order to create it I’m reading about JavaScript and Web GL, which is an extension from Open GL. It is used to create 2D and 3D graphics. I think this is my biggest challenge to complete in my part of the project because it is kind of tricky and I feel motivated so I hope that the next week I’ll be able to finish the 3D viewer. In summary, the project is acquiring a better shape and I feel excited because of that. The next week we will have a meeting with Aaron that will be giving us an idea of how the User’s Interface is going to look like. So I guess this will be one of my goals for the next week. I will be working in the User’s Interface of the web-based app. I also will be working with the zoom setting for the media and will keep improving my presentation and written report.

First Month

During this month there were a lot of new experiences. At the beginning we were adapting and trying to have the overview of what we will be doing. It was a transition period until now. Now we are all set up and with a clear vision of what we are doing and what we want to achieve. Now everyone is divided and have their own goals.

My part of the project is related with the Web-based application so I’m improving my skills as time passes. Finally I started to apply what we have been learning during this month. This week I created classes with PHP to read the configuration file, fill instances of the classes and displayed their data dynamically. I have been working with the viewers, I created a viewer that displays some manuscript images with “previous” and “next” buttons that changes and displays the different images. I also displayed a video of chad gospels that Zack e-mailed us. Since the images were located at my computer and the video was from YouTube, next week I will be working to fetch the images and the videos directly from the server.

On Monday we had a seminar by a Design Professor about Interactive Designs. Then on Thursday the members of the Info Forest had a meeting with the Design Professor and Aaron (Graphic Designer) about the design of the user’s interface and we showed them the work we have done until now. On Friday’s meeting we did our presentations in the conference room. I refine the overview of my presentation, add background information, mention the tools which I have been working, and also some visuals. In addition to fetching the data from the server also I will be working in the 3D viewer. After all of these experiences now I’m more confident and clear about what my part of the project I am going to be working on. In conclusion, I felt satisfied of what I have done for now but I’m looking forward to continue improving.

Third Week: Starting our presentation

We started the week with another seminar by Dr. Seales; it was about communication and technical presentation. He gave us some tips for our final presentation to be a good and efficient one. My project is also progressing. I created a sketch of the application and started implementing it on PHP. I also have been working in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP and with XML Parser to combine it with the sketch implementation in order to set up the Web based application using the configuration file. We started the first draft of our Power Point presentation which we also presented at Friday’s meeting and had feedback. I bought a new Mac in the Bookstore and installed all the tools that I need so I can continue my work at the dorm. 🙂

Week 2: Research Question

This week was about continuous learning and reading all that could help me developing the Web based application. I also read and watched some video tutorials related with Java in order to help Eric in the Android part. We also had a very interesting seminar by Dr. Seales. It was about what is a research and the VisU  Program. He encourages us to push the boundaries of what we know and find our direction to graduate school. He also asked us to make our research question:  Is it possible that we can develop an application that will be compatible with iOS, Android, and Web? I said “we” because as Dr. Seales said there’s no “I” in a teamwork, so that’s the general project question. My research question is: Is it possible to develop a Web-based app related with the ancient manuscripts with a standardized format compatible with the Android and iOS apps?

First week

First week:

I like this program very much. I’m still adapting to here since it’s the first week but I like the university, the Marksbury building, and all the interesting projects that are taking place at the Center for Visualization and Virtual Environment. In the first week what I basically was doing was reading and trying to know more about the amazing project that I’ll be working on it. The program’s name is Info-Forest and it’s related with a manuscript application for Ipad, Android, and Web. I’m working in the web part, I read and learned about PHP, HTML, and CSS. I’m really excited and looking forward the next week.