Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Special Delivery for Android

This week was one of a lot of news. I found out what I have to do to finish my part of the project. Can I deliver? I have asked myself and the answer to that is I will give it all I got. In order to deliver this project I have to implement the image cashing program, optimize the algorithm on the Parser class I have created to fetch and display the 3D models from the server because it is taking to long to interpret the obj files or implement it in another way, which I already started but I am also having some troubles with and finally finish assembling all the functionality parts I have been working on so then I can implement the User Interface and aesthetic aspects of the application. Also I need to keep improving my skill and presentation skills so I can do an excellent job on the presentation day. In order to do that I have to practice sharpen up the content of my paper and my presentation and build up confidence. I hope that my hard work and determination help me do as I want to do. It has been a great experience so far and I am so grateful of being here and being able to learn and continue to learn so much.

I am me

This week we participated of a creativity talk, which was about what is creativity and if it is something that you are born with and you can’t learn how to be more creative. After several activities and arguments with my partners about creativity I suddenly started learning things about myself. These things I have learned about myself where on my mind in past weeks but if it wasn’t for this talk I wouldn’t have found out about my true self. I learned that I like to be creative and that there is some creativity in me. I like to create new things using what I know. I learned that I don’t like to read but it would be my passion if its one efficient way of learning. I have learned that one of my greatest skills is fast learning. This week I realized that each day I am feeling more comfortable with  how I am and what I like to do. Each day I feel more independent because every day I am learning on my on and there is no one I can fully rely on to guide me or encourage me to keep going. That being said I have discovered that my determination and my focus are vital components in my everyday actions. I have also learned that when in pressure I am awesome and at full capacity but, when in too much pressure I can collapse and not be efficient. I have learned that sleep and food are essential in my life as a student and as a researcher. I have learned how to push myself forward but knowing when I need to rest. All of these lessons have come from situations in this internship. I feel more confident and stable as a person, and more skilled and responsible as a researcher. Hopefully all of those things I have learned about myself will help me achieve what I want in this project. I still need to finish the 3D viewer and work some more on the User Interface.


My good friend Android

This week I have had conflicts with my friend Android, but it looks like we are getting even closer in this journey. I finally managed to get the 3D model file in object format from the server, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was creating code that would read an object format file, interpret it and display the 3D model. The code that I have done reads the file and interprets it, the only problem is that sometimes the models are too large to display so I have to solve that problem. The main problem or struggle for me this week and the next is cashing images and data already obtained from the server, because the application would get tired of fetching the same data over and over again. Also I will be working on the user interface for the application since we are having a meeting on Monday and I want to keep improving my presentation, my written report and my speech skills for next week.

Hey Android, am I done?

Looking to the past weeks I have learned a lot. I have learned more about web development as I help Krystel get a strong background on web development, I have upgraded my Java skills, my programming and application development skills as I learn how to develop applications for Android. I have learned how to incorporate my work with my partners work. I have been testing simple applications and parts of the InfoForest application on a real Tablet with Android. I have created classes as I expand my knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. I have learn about media and how to display it. I have learn how to create an application for Android that communicates with a server and displays data dynamically obtained from the server. I have learned to create an simple application that displays 3D Objects, Videos, Sound, Pictures and Data, these are called viewers. I have learned to create an application that parses data of an XML and stores it on an array of instances of the classes I created for further use. Finally I learned how to handle events and how to make something happen when the user clicks a button or touches the screen. All this learning and achieving sounds really nice but I am not done yet.

This week I have been working with all the viewers some of them are progressing some of them not so much. My goal for next week is to finish most of the viewers so they will be working properly and efficiently so I can create a user interface that contains all of the viewers and that receives almost all the data and media from the server.  The viewers I am going to work on are the 3D Viewer, incorporate image, sound, and video to a piece of the application called media player, the multispectral viewer, the legacy viewer and the main viewer which is the Book Viewer. I am having trouble getting a 3D model from the server and displaying it, getting High Resolution Images displayed like a book, displaying a video with YouTube player and building the user interface for which we had a meeting yesterday. In this case trouble sounds more like a challenge and I am on my way to finish this adventure with the help of my partners and mentors.



Android InfoForest Progress Percentage: 35%

This week we experienced a great and valuable presentation by Dr. Seales which enlightened. The presentation was about how to give a great presentation which we will need in order to give a awesome final presentation. As the days of the week passed I continued working on the classes, which I managed to fill with the data of the XML configuration file, started working on the 3D Viewer for the Info Forest Android application using java and an Object Format File to get the vertices and indexes of the 3D model. I managed to create a cube and dragon, manually figuring out the vertices and indexes, and display it on a View so that the user can rotate the model using his or her finger or with the Directional Pad for some mobile devices. The challenge for next week is to incorporate the HTTP request with the 3D Viewer so the user can see a 3D model that was sent from the server after being requested. Also I helped Krystel with some aspects of PHP and discussed how the Web Based Application will get the data from the server with Krystel and John. I will keep working on playing a video since I still have no luck with that but as super heroes say never fear the Acer Iconia Tablet is here and know i can actually see if the video does not show on the emulator because of lack of resources. With 35% percent of progress estimated i feel like I have learned so much but I also learned how much more there is to learn and do. I hope I can learn and do so much more and that I get to expand my knowledge.


3D Dragon on Android

What am I working on?

This week I managed to get a clearer notion of how data is going to be managed by the android application I am working on. After sharing plenty of ideas with my partners, we finally thought of a way of representing data when transported between the server and the clients applications, so that it would be easy to interpret and display on the application. Then I started working on the classes that will match the data that the application will receive. I managed to create the HTTP request on android which will ask the server for the configuration file, which will set up the application, and it receives the file. I am still working and I will keep working on the classes and the interpretation of that file even thou I created the code that reads the configuration file with all the manuscript and displays a button for each one of them. I have created code that displays a images and code that plays sound, but I haven’t been able to display a video. My goal for the next week is to finally fill the classes with the data received from the server and fix the code that displays videos. After working on all that, meditation and a Dr. Seales presentation I got to state my research question, How to create a dynamic android application that displays data and media of ancient manuscripts? I am determined to keep pushing forward and having a great experience with my partners.



Configuration File               Dynamic Manuscript Menu (reading from configuration file)

Dynamic Manuscript Menu (reading from configuration file)


First Week @ UKY Visualization Center

This first week I have been introduced to my partners on the project and also to the project itself. The project is about building an application for iOS, Web and Android that displays ancient manuscripts and their translation. This application must have different viewers such as a Viewer that displays the manuscript and the translation, a Viewer that displays a 3D Model of the pages of the manuscript, a registration viewer, a media player and a High Resolution Viewer so the user can see details of the pages of the manuscript.  I have read about java and have found some interesting things that we could also use for the Web Based application. Also I have been discussing the project and some things that we can do to make it more efficient. I have been helping Krystel learn HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS and the last days of this week I started working on the navigation of the Android application as I learn to develop apps for android using Java. I am very excited and happy, specially when i manage to get something to work. This is a great place to work and I feel really comfortable working here. I am looking forward to next week.