Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center


Since the end is coming we had a meeting about what we are going to be able to deliver as a final project. We discussed the difficulties that we have had during this summer and the objectives that we have achieved until now. I’m so excited and I have a lot of ideas about what I want to deliver but the reality is that the time is running out. I hope to achieve my expectations for this project, to create a dynamic ancient manuscript application in the web that will give new aspects and new ways of seeing this valuable manuscript. The app will contain translations from different languages, media such as low-res images, multispectral images, videos, and 3D. I feel satisfied for the work that I have done and I’ll continue doing stuff until the last minute in order to deliver a successfully final work. But this won’t ends here because there’s a lot of future work that can be done by others students or staff, such as add another manuscripts or trees to InfoForest. Also it can be implemented in different platforms in addition of iOS, Android and Web.