Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Special Delivery for Android

This week was one of a lot of news. I found out what I have to do to finish my part of the project. Can I deliver? I have asked myself and the answer to that is I will give it all I got. In order to deliver this project I have to implement the image cashing program, optimize the algorithm on the Parser class I have created to fetch and display the 3D models from the server because it is taking to long to interpret the obj files or implement it in another way, which I already started but I am also having some troubles with and finally finish assembling all the functionality parts I have been working on so then I can implement the User Interface and aesthetic aspects of the application. Also I need to keep improving my skill and presentation skills so I can do an excellent job on the presentation day. In order to do that I have to practice sharpen up the content of my paper and my presentation and build up confidence. I hope that my hard work and determination help me do as I want to do. It has been a great experience so far and I am so grateful of being here and being able to learn and continue to learn so much.