Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Sixth Week: The Rundown

Work this week has kept good pace. On the other hand, for me it’s getting stale. There is not much to do but keep on calibrating and it gets overwhelming at times, I’ve been pulling through though. I have always thought of my computer science skills as a tool for better programming because writing source code is my passion at this point in my life, there is not much to say about it. Here I am trying to push myself and discover the academic process of research and it has been but since progress takes time it feels awkward that I can’t just go ahead and write a few lines of code and get it done. I really have to put myself into this and drive the results step by step to a pleasing one.


On the flip side,  I should say that the need for code took over a few days and I started looking for Python Learning books. This should keep me going for a while even if I’m not able to make use of those skills fairly soon. If you are asking yourself; Why Python? the answer is simple, it is widely used which means I will be able to find programming help online if needed and it is also fairly simple, using IDLE certainly is a plus in my point of view, it adds flexibility for programmers that come from hard typed compiled languages where it takes time to get things running.


We also started working on our essays and I have been editing my power point presentation. Today (Friday) we had a peer review session for the essays and I got some pretty good advice and guidance from my fellow  coworkers that have English as a first language.