Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center


Hello again reader,

We’re down to two weeks, and knowing that isn’t much fun.  There’s a lot to do with the project, but little time to do it.  Which means, priorities… it’s time to decide what should come first, so we can finish as many pieces of the project as we can.  With my project, the application using the Kinect, we had considered implementing Image viewers, Video playback, PDF viewers, and 3D viewers.  Ideally, we could have them all by the end of these two weeks.  But ideally is not always reality.

Instantly, I knew the 3D viewer would be the greatest of my worries, since it’s something I’ve never worked with before and I would probably spend the whole two weeks working exclusively on that part.  I had already found something that would help me with the PDF viewer, so that became my first priority.  The nasty side to prioritizing is that when new problems pop up, they can’t be dedicated too much time; interacting with the PDF viewer was troublesome, so I decided to move on to the other two while I figured something out.  I believe I can have all three viewers done soon, especially considering the video and image viewers will be very similar.  Even though it’s a bit of pressure, I’m very excited to finish them and see them all working nicely.