Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Just a bit of inner discoveries

Hello again, reader

My research project has gone through many phases.  Through those many phases, I’ve learned a lot more about Computer Science.  But more than that, I’ve learned to appreciate it even more.  I used to think you could do anything thanks to computers, but I never thought of myself  as one of those programmers who make those things real.  Now, I think I am more capable.  Either that, or more confident in my abilities and knowledge.

The Kinect was to be used with the 3D projection project, but that idea crumbled when we thought “hey, there’s going to be too much lag, especially since we would have to use two computers”.  Then, I didn’t have much of a goal, but I did have a lot of reading to do to educate myself on Kinect data and its libraries.  Basically, I didn’t have a specific goal in terms of making something, but I did have a goal in understanding the Kinect; learning how to manipulate the information it gave me so I could make something out of it.  That was very exciting, especially since I had to learn not only the Kinect libraries, but how to program in C#.  I learned that I not only like Computer Science, but also greatly enjoy building new things.  This project has helped me realize all this, since I’ve had to learn a whole lot on new topics, have built a library for the Kinect controls, and will be building a simple application.  This project has helped me realize that I can bring my ideas to life, and that I should attempt to bring them to life; it is an immensely satisfying feeling to think up an idea and go through the process of making it real.