Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

I am me

This week we participated of a creativity talk, which was about what is creativity and if it is something that you are born with and you can’t learn how to be more creative. After several activities and arguments with my partners about creativity I suddenly started learning things about myself. These things I have learned about myself where on my mind in past weeks but if it wasn’t for this talk I wouldn’t have found out about my true self. I learned that I like to be creative and that there is some creativity in me. I like to create new things using what I know. I learned that I don’t like to read but it would be my passion if its one efficient way of learning. I have learned that one of my greatest skills is fast learning. This week I realized that each day I am feeling more comfortable with  how I am and what I like to do. Each day I feel more independent because every day I am learning on my on and there is no one I can fully rely on to guide me or encourage me to keep going. That being said I have discovered that my determination and my focus are vital components in my everyday actions. I have also learned that when in pressure I am awesome and at full capacity but, when in too much pressure I can collapse and not be efficient. I have learned that sleep and food are essential in my life as a student and as a researcher. I have learned how to push myself forward but knowing when I need to rest. All of these lessons have come from situations in this internship. I feel more confident and stable as a person, and more skilled and responsible as a researcher. Hopefully all of those things I have learned about myself will help me achieve what I want in this project. I still need to finish the 3D viewer and work some more on the User Interface.