Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Growth is intentional (week 6)

This week has definitely had its struggles.  Because of bugs in the server, it had to be wiped so we couldn’t access its content… which came at a fantastic time seeing as I depend on the server for most of the things I have to work on right now.  But I still was able to add a slider and configure it so that you can slide to a page and it will cache that page without caching all of the ones in between (that would lead to a hardcore crash).  Also you can flip through pages and the slider will move along with you.  And you can type in a page and the app will take you directly to that page.  I’ve also been working on the pop up views that hold the additional content along with reading in the XML.  The XML has probably been my largest struggle this week because the preset functions of AFNetworking are making it difficult to read in the XML as a document instead of just an instance of its function…  I’ve spent hours just trying to manipulate it but I am definitely closer.

The theme of this blog was supposed to be growth so I should probably stop rambling and move onto that.  I know this experience is irreplaceable and I have learned so much that will prepare me for my future courses, but I have also learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned that I can pick up on things fast when I’m being pressured.  I’ve learned how to cooperate with others in order to accomplish a goal. It’s hard for me to not want to take over a project and make sure everyone is doing their job correctly, so it was good for me to be dependent on others.  I’ve grown in my knowledge of programming.  Before, I had just programmed little games and small things that weren’t really of any value (except to me).  This was the first big project I’ve worked on and it allows me to see a larger purpose in programming.  I’ve learned how to teach myself by researching what I need to know.  Along with that I’ve learned to not give up when I can’t find the right answer.

When you spend eight hours a day programming, you figure out what you like about it and what you dislike.  I’ve noticed I like working with the math side  and logic of programming.  I eat up any configuration of size and dote over following a logical function path.  I’ve also noticed how little I enjoy describing my logic.  I don’t exactly look forward to giving presentations but it has made me realize that that is one thing I need to work on.  I also realize how I hate feeling defeated when I can’t get code to work properly, but I think that’s universal.  No one really enjoys their hard work going up in flames.