Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Farewell (week 7)

Unfortunately I will be on vacation next week so this is my last full week of work.  Consequently, I believe this is my last blog post.

As my remaining work days dwindle, I have to keep in mind the results.  Yes, the server did crash.  Yes, we had to change things last minute and connect to a new server.  And yes, we will not completely finish the app.  But you know what?  I think the important thing is deliverance.  Deliverance is not just about finishing something, it is about showing something.  My goal in my last two work days is to show what I have learned and to show how the app is coming along.  Honestly I don’t believe I could have had a better experience than I did with the Vis Center.  I have learned so much about programming as well as how the working world operates.  We’ve had to meet deadlines, collaborate, research, and make presentations.  The skills I’ve learned are priceless and now I’m just excited to go back to college and build on them even more.

Physically I want to produce a rough foundation for this app that is dynamic and aesthetically pleasing.  I have implemented some of the graphics for the app and I’m working on squishing as much content into the app as I can before our time is over.  I want people to be able to flip through pages, see the translations, play with a 3D viewer, watch the video content, and see the multispectral images once I’m done.

I’m proud to have been a part of this project, work with the people that I did, and lay the foundation that we did.  I mean, I had to learn a whole new language and I had no idea of the aspects of programming for Apple.  Looking back, I see that I also delivered to myself.  I delivered a desire for knowledge and a drive for production.  There were days that I wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed and there were days that I was on fire for coding.  But the experience as a whole has helped me become the programmer that I am.  By no means am I where I want to be, but at least now I know how to push the lines of knowledge.