Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Fourth Week: Support, end of the beginning.

We have been looking forward to making the project into a significantly well calibrated and move forwards in other aspects of it but it has proven more challenging than expected. It turns out that all that is left is manual labor.

We finally moved the multi-spectral camera out of the area for our setup and brought the aluminum pieces we have to work with for now. It took us a while to get everything in place, but it was a good work out because some of the stuff we moved was fairly heavy.

After consulting with more experienced professors they provided some pretty relevant information about the requirements and expectations in the hardware matter to make the project work. We’ll be putting our efforts on those too. That includes a bigger ball or sphere and projectors that have wider throw for better focusing and more viewing more relevant details. There happened to be that a certain some one had already thought on buying a beach ball.