Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Time flies

Hello once more, reader,


They say time flies.  I believe them.  It’s been almost a month and so much has happened, even though it feels like so little time has gone by.  We were given our projects, we adapted to this new environment, we immersed ourselves in the projects, we have learned and read and seen a lot, and we’ve divided the projects further into parts and made them our own, like personal belongings.

When we first arrived, I was clueless, not knowing what I would be doing, or how I would be doing it.  It was a very exciting moment when I was given the 3D projection project for a few reasons.  One of the main reasons was that I didn’t know much about projection, so I knew I was about to learn a whole lot about it; during the first week, it was just enlightening to read the book on projection setups to open my mind to so many bright ideas and to expand my imagination.  In just a week, I was dreaming of projecting stuff everywhere.  The next week, I was even more excited when we were told we’d be given a Kinect to integrate some interaction to our project, and that I’d be working with that part.  It was very of frustrating because I could not get to understand the basics of programming for Kinect with just a few video tutorials on YouTube.  I had ideas, and wanted to bring them to life, but I was getting nowhere… The next week, the pair of books for Kinect programming arrived, and reading the introduction on how the Kinect came to be blew me away.  It was quite interesting how the idea had been developing for around 50 years.  Once I immersed myself in the book, I began to get a better grasp of how to flow with the data and, once more, I had ideas.  This time around, though, I knew I could bring to life some of those ideas, with the help of books.

That’s how we’ve arrived to this fourth week.  Reading, learning, expanding my views, letting my imagination fly.  I feel I’ve grown and defined myself a little more.  I feel as if I have discovered a responsibility that is implicitly part of each of us; I feel it’s almost an obligation not only to imagine, but also to create and build and improve and reinvent.  I feel I’ve found even deeper meaning to one of the quotes I had posted previously on things being based on smaller parts.  I feel we’re going to do great things in what little time we have left, and I feel that we’ve all learned to always strive to research and create.  I don’t know… it’s just a very enlightening experience.

They say time flies, and each of us has so many great ideas…