Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Third Week: Trial & error. (DEBUGGING)

The whole week went by really fast. It seems that the work that we are doing now has that effect on me. By midweek we moved up a couple of tables, projectors and the ball with texture to mount a temporary display. I got some help from Fred, the guy that made the warping and blending program, he’s a really nice guy and sometimes takes some time off his work to help out to get me “in touch” with his program and how it works.


The meetings with the content guys was a kind of success again since we have not made as much progress as we have now, at the end of the week. It was difficult for them to contemplate my perspective without seeing what actually the results would be. On the other hand, Aaron offered his mighty hand to help us have an image with certain properties we need to calibrate the projectors onto the setup.


Friday we presented our little draft of the presentations and had a peer feedback session. It went smooth but there is still allot to work on.

But performance and results seems to be arriving at a steady stream. Let’s hope things keep that pace.

Shout out to my girlfriend that I miss so much! And to people back home…