Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Lions and tigers and Objective C (week 3)

My love-hate relationship with Objective C grows along with the progress of this iOS app.  I guess I just struggle because I know python and C++ very well and although the concepts are the same, Objective C has random aspects that are very different.  And the fact that there are different iOS devices to keep in mind is quite the pain. But I’ve been able to adjust and I feel like this week has been productive.

For the main page of the app, I figured out to be able to add buttons until they fill the screen.  And just when you think all hope is lost and you won’t be able to add anymore ancient manuscripts to the app…… it adds a scroll view!  I know this isn’t amazingly exciting but it definitely will be useful.

In more exciting news the app can now access the server with http requests using a third party called AFNetworking.  So I wrote a separate class for calls to the server and so far there are functions for accessing images and parsing xml.  From the screenshot you can see the image grabbing.  I definitely enjoy the iOS simulator in xcode.  It blows my mind to think that a couple weeks ago, I lacked a lot of the knowledge I’m using now.  But that’s the exciting part of research.  Just when you think “Is it even possible for someone to learn this much?!”  you realize how little you actually know.

I would like to give a shout out to my fellow part-time,  high school team member Zack.  He knows a lot about iOS and less about hardcoding.  In comparison,  I know little about iOS and more about hardcoding.  So we’ve kind of been educating and working off of each other.  I’ll write what the app does and Zack writes how the app displays it.

Also, this week we’ve been learning about the presentation of our research.  And at the end of this program we will have a paper and a presentation on our work.  I don’t exactly wake up in morning craving to give a speech in front of a group of people.  But, I know that for the rest of my life I will have to give presentations whether it be in my college career or in my work.  Practice makes perfect… right?