Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Hey Android, am I done?

Looking to the past weeks I have learned a lot. I have learned more about web development as I help Krystel get a strong background on web development, I have upgraded my Java skills, my programming and application development skills as I learn how to develop applications for Android. I have learned how to incorporate my work with my partners work. I have been testing simple applications and parts of the InfoForest application on a real Tablet with Android. I have created classes as I expand my knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. I have learn about media and how to display it. I have learn how to create an application for Android that communicates with a server and displays data dynamically obtained from the server. I have learned to create an simple application that displays 3D Objects, Videos, Sound, Pictures and Data, these are called viewers. I have learned to create an application that parses data of an XML and stores it on an array of instances of the classes I created for further use. Finally I learned how to handle events and how to make something happen when the user clicks a button or touches the screen. All this learning and achieving sounds really nice but I am not done yet.

This week I have been working with all the viewers some of them are progressing some of them not so much. My goal for next week is to finish most of the viewers so they will be working properly and efficiently so I can create a user interface that contains all of the viewers and that receives almost all the data and media from the server.  The viewers I am going to work on are the 3D Viewer, incorporate image, sound, and video to a piece of the application called media player, the multispectral viewer, the legacy viewer and the main viewer which is the Book Viewer. I am having trouble getting a 3D model from the server and displaying it, getting High Resolution Images displayed like a book, displaying a video with YouTube player and building the user interface for which we had a meeting yesterday. In this case trouble sounds more like a challenge and I am on my way to finish this adventure with the help of my partners and mentors.