Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Half Way-Week 4

We have almost reached the halfway point with our summer research program. I feel like I am getting to know my teammates better–we all went out for lunch at Canes last Wednesday and had some great “work bonding.” I am doing my best to expose Jean-Carlo, Krystel, Karlo and Eric to our fine dining here in Kentucky (i.e. Raising Canes and Orange Leaf).

In regards to my project, I have finally finished the XML for the Chad Gospels, which is culmination of 5 months of work. Last week, I came to the realization that a 3rd XML to note all of the variations between the Latin text and NIV translation of the Bible would not be the best way to display and organize the information. After consulting with Julie, John and Becky, we decided that the information would be better displayed in notes written into the existing XMLs. These notes follow TEI XML standards and contain explanations of the variations in the text.

One of the main reasons we did this is because often in the text, the scribe messes up verses. Every time he did this, he put a slash to distinguish the misplaced text. We wanted to make sure that this was clearly displayed to whomever is using the app because it can be difficult to understand at first. I, admittedly, had to spend some time with the manuscript before I understood what was happening.

Example of a page in the manuscript that has these mistakes. Each are noted with a slash.

I have finished the first part of my project. I am not exactly sure what I will be doing next, but it is a little exciting to not know what I will be doing to complete this project. We have several ideas of what my next move will be–writing XML for another manuscript or working with technology that can highlight passages in the image–and each seems interesting in their own way!

I will be gone next week, but I am excited to come back and continue into whatever new venture we deem best for the overall project!