Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

First Month

During this month there were a lot of new experiences. At the beginning we were adapting and trying to have the overview of what we will be doing. It was a transition period until now. Now we are all set up and with a clear vision of what we are doing and what we want to achieve. Now everyone is divided and have their own goals.

My part of the project is related with the Web-based application so I’m improving my skills as time passes. Finally I started to apply what we have been learning during this month. This week I created classes with PHP to read the configuration file, fill instances of the classes and displayed their data dynamically. I have been working with the viewers, I created a viewer that displays some manuscript images with “previous” and “next” buttons that changes and displays the different images. I also displayed a video of chad gospels that Zack e-mailed us. Since the images were located at my computer and the video was from YouTube, next week I will be working to fetch the images and the videos directly from the server.

On Monday we had a seminar by a Design Professor about Interactive Designs. Then on Thursday the members of the Info Forest had a meeting with the Design Professor and Aaron (Graphic Designer) about the design of the user’s interface and we showed them the work we have done until now. On Friday’s meeting we did our presentations in the conference room. I refine the overview of my presentation, add background information, mention the tools which I have been working, and also some visuals. In addition to fetching the data from the server also I will be working in the 3D viewer. After all of these experiences now I’m more confident and clear about what my part of the project I am going to be working on. In conclusion, I felt satisfied of what I have done for now but I’m looking forward to continue improving.