Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Android InfoForest Progress Percentage: 35%

This week we experienced a great and valuable presentation by Dr. Seales which enlightened. The presentation was about how to give a great presentation which we will need in order to give a awesome final presentation. As the days of the week passed I continued working on the classes, which I managed to fill with the data of the XML configuration file, started working on the 3D Viewer for the Info Forest Android application using java and an Object Format File to get the vertices and indexes of the 3D model. I managed to create a cube and dragon, manually figuring out the vertices and indexes, and display it on a View so that the user can rotate the model using his or her finger or with the Directional Pad for some mobile devices. The challenge for next week is to incorporate the HTTP request with the 3D Viewer so the user can see a 3D model that was sent from the server after being requested. Also I helped Krystel with some aspects of PHP and discussed how the Web Based Application will get the data from the server with Krystel and John. I will keep working on playing a video since I still have no luck with that but as super heroes say never fear the Acer Iconia Tablet is here and know i can actually see if the video does not show on the emulator because of lack of resources. With 35% percent of progress estimated i feel like I have learned so much but I also learned how much more there is to learn and do. I hope I can learn and do so much more and that I get to expand my knowledge.


3D Dragon on Android