Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Second Week: Work in … progress?

This week we sorted out problems. More materials were coming in, but we haven’t arrived at the point of getting something done. On Tuesday we met up with the Content Designers and we set up a method of communication after discussing some ideas for the content and how it should be made. There’s still a lot of things we need from them to make this work so I hope they don’t get stressed over it.

On Wednesday we finally worked getting the system (computers) backed-up, re-installed and all the works. So now we’ve got a powerful PC. Also, we got our Styrofoam ball, should do pretty good when we project onto it.

Again this week we were told that Bill (the engineer) would not arrive until next week because of a date miscalcullation.


Also on Wednesday, Brent Seals came to visit and gave us a pretty good presentations on how to DO PRESENTATIONS… Talk about inception. He also talked about our commitment and participation on the projects and other general ideas about  the program.

For the most part, everything is running smooth with some altercations and drawbacks, but nothing that we can not fix. We expect to get results pretty fast since all the research that we have done will certainly pay out somehow.