Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

What am I working on?

This week I managed to get a clearer notion of how data is going to be managed by the android application I am working on. After sharing plenty of ideas with my partners, we finally thought of a way of representing data when transported between the server and the clients applications, so that it would be easy to interpret and display on the application. Then I started working on the classes that will match the data that the application will receive. I managed to create the HTTP request on android which will ask the server for the configuration file, which will set up the application, and it receives the file. I am still working and I will keep working on the classes and the interpretation of that file even thou I created the code that reads the configuration file with all the manuscript and displays a button for each one of them. I have created code that displays a images and code that plays sound, but I haven’t been able to display a video. My goal for the next week is to finally fill the classes with the data received from the server and fix the code that displays videos. After working on all that, meditation and a Dr. Seales presentation I got to state my research question, How to create a dynamic android application that displays data and media of ancient manuscripts? I am determined to keep pushing forward and having a great experience with my partners.



Configuration File               Dynamic Manuscript Menu (reading from configuration file)

Dynamic Manuscript Menu (reading from configuration file)