Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Research(week 2)

This week has had more of a definite structure as we all fall into the work week routine. And with that my goal has shifted from absorption to implementation.

At the beginning of the week I piddled around with databases and SQL, as you can see from this screen shot. I managed to select and transfer images of pie to and from a database. You can probably tell it was nearing my lunch break and I was getting somewhat hungry.

Overall, the theme for this week would probably be research. More specifically: what is my research question? As undergrad researchers we want to push past our knowledge, not just flirt with the line of the unknown. The ultimate accomplishment would be to push past all existing human knowledge and expand on it.

My biggest struggle with forming a research question was that I couldn’t narrow in on the specifics. I wanted to think of the big picture and end product instead of my individual part in the project. And since my part involves the coding of the iOS app, my question needs to revolve around that. So here it goes, this is what I’ve established as my research question so far:

How do I import data from the server to display in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner on iOS?

And once again I’d like to wrap up with a side note:  Jean-Karlo makes a mean cup of coffee.