Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

Well hello there

My first couple of days have consisted of planning, meetings, and research.  The adult leaders of the program gathered us around to explain the basic goal of our project and then we all discussed the plans, possibilities, and execution of these goals.  I am working on the project titled “Info Forest”.  As much as that sounds like a project belonging to an environmentalist, it’s a metaphor for what we hope to lay the groundwork for.  The Vis Center would like to develop a database of ancient documents that are accessible on the website as well as through mobile devices.  Specifically, we are working with the Chad Gospels.  This will be the foundation for any future documents that are added to the database.

With the overall goals laid out, my goal for the moment is to absorb.  I am attempting to prepare myself for this project and have been relentlessly researching.  I’ve been diving into HTML, CSS, PHP, and XML since I had only had a very basic knowledge of them.

I am excited to work alongside such amazing students.  We have already been trading knowledge and teaching each other in order to stimulate growth as a team.  The other day Zack taught me how to create an app for Apple devices.  We even made a ridiculous app so I could gain experience.

And on a quick side note, I’d like to say that I am loving the cross-cultural environment.