Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

First Week @ UKY Visualization Center

This first week I have been introduced to my partners on the project and also to the project itself. The project is about building an application for iOS, Web and Android that displays ancient manuscripts and their translation. This application must have different viewers such as a Viewer that displays the manuscript and the translation, a Viewer that displays a 3D Model of the pages of the manuscript, a registration viewer, a media player and a High Resolution Viewer so the user can see details of the pages of the manuscript.  I have read about java and have found some interesting things that we could also use for the Web Based application. Also I have been discussing the project and some things that we can do to make it more efficient. I have been helping Krystel learn HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS and the last days of this week I started working on the navigation of the Android application as I learn to develop apps for android using Java. I am very excited and happy, specially when i manage to get something to work. This is a great place to work and I feel really comfortable working here. I am looking forward to next week.