Undergraduate Research at the Vis Center

1rst Week: Settling in.


Work has been doing progress slowly but steadily. After lots of introductions to new people and other meetings we have an assigned project. Me and Jean-Karlo (Diego) are working together on it, I won’t say which for now to keep the tension and mystery, as they did to us for the first three days. We have been reading a book that was given to us for basic familiarization with the work that is to come, which I found online as a PDF (I guess I got lucky)  and we started theorizing and making models of estimated measures and such since we don’t have the accurate tools yet. On Wednesday we received the two projectors that we’ll be working with for now and we used a 8″ model ball that did not work last time to get our ideas going and it helped out to figure out wide the range of the projectors on circular surfaces, but it’s still not something completely worked through.

We are still working on getting a workstation that can manage the computing power we need and getting the code and programs installed on it. For next week we hope on talking with the engineer, when he arrives, about aspect designs and getting our “stuff” (materials and such) to build the mount and work on the actual projector calibrations for the balls or shapes that we’ll use.

What I haven’t talked about is the off work hours. The mornings are cold for us tropical island people, we have small breakfast and maybe stop at the coffee shop on the way. I certainly get to ride my board down a little steep hill that feels pretty sweet also, and later we arrive.ROSE ST HILLLunch is neat, pretty good food around. A half hour is more than enough since service is great. Today I’ll be eating in Q’doba, real good Mexican food.

The afternoons are varied. We usually go to the gym to rock climb or play basketball or do any number of things there. It’s a huge place with lots of options. maybe we’ll end up in shape after all. I will see if I get a chance to ride board on the weekend and go around campus for more entertaining stuff to say.

That’s all for now.

-Karlo Luis Martínez Martos