The University of Kentucky Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments

Multi-View Calibration

Christopher Jaynes

National Science Foundation

C. Jaynes, Calibration of Large Sensor Networks using Observed Motion Trajectories, Dept. of Computer Science, Technical Report: TR316-01, Feb 2001. C. Jaynes, Multi-View Calibration from Planar Motion for Video Surveillance, IEEE Workshop on Video Surviellance, Nov. 1999.

Project Description:
Calibration in wide-area video surveillance scenarios is a challenging problem. Outdoor environments are complex, contain stationary and moving objects, and uncontrolled lighting.

We have developed methods that exploit tracked motion trajectories to compute the multi-view camera geometry that relates two (or more) cameras. The approach assumes overlapping fields of view and that cameras are connected via a local network.

A typical scenario for multi-view geometry estimation given a dense cluster of cameras is shown below. Motion is assumed to take place on a locally piecewise planar surface.

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