The University of Kentucky Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments

Statistical Array Geometrics for Real-time Covert Surveillance with Parallel Computer

Kevin D. Donohue
Jens Hannemann
Philip Townsend
Charles Maynard
Harikrishnan Unnikrishnan

Project Sponsors:
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Project Description:
Audio recording is a typical part of covert surveillance. However, the standard technologies used such as fixed microphone arrays, shotgun microphones and parabolic microphones are useful for picking up speech from distant speakers, but limited in their use by size and position constraints. A better understanding of microphone arrays with complex geometries could enable agents to place microphones at arbitrary positions in a restaurant such as under tables, on lights, chairs, or on the clothing of agents in the room just minutes before the person under surveillance enters the room.

This project focuses on developing technology that combines wireless microphones mounted statically around an area or on moving platforms with clusters of computers to provide near real-time processing for tracking the suspect’s speech and delivering intelligible speech. The goal is to provide criminal justice and law enforcement agencies with the enhanced ability to covertly record and listen to remote conversation of suspect individuals in areas where multiple conversations are ongoing.

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