The University of Kentucky Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments


While still photos and moving images preserves a moment in time, the camera only captures a 2D projection of the 3D world. Our 3D research works to recover this third dimension and visualize it. Our 3D modeling techniques make it easy to capture an object, create a 3D model of it, and use this model in a game or film.

An important aspect of visualization is pushing technological developments in 3D research forward across a broad range of subjects. This research focuses on materials and technologies for the generation, processing, and display of information in three dimensions.  Much of our research focuses on 3D modeling acquisition and 3D visualization.

Teleconferencing, through such tools as Skype, is currently inadequate because you cannot perceive anything 3D in a convincing way, and there is a low frame rate and a low resolution.  We research how to create 3D models so that people can communicate over long distances as if they were seated next to each other.

Not only do we want to capture objects at a personal level – we want to capture whole environments.  We are working on large-scale 3D modeling with semantic meaning.  We are working to develop a 3D model of an environment where we can also render things.  It is not just a recording of what we saw, but a model we can manipulate. These large-scale models are useful for urban planning.

Recent projects in 3D research at the Vis Center include developments in structured light illumination, 3D Data Acquisition, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, 3D surface capture of objects in motion and 3D visual reconstruction and display. We are moving from low-level processing of 3D modeling to high-level understanding resulting from our 3D models.


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