Multimedia Information Analysis (MIA) Laboratory

April 2017 Gathering














Samson  Sen-ching Samson Cheung

Sen-ching (Samson) Cheung is a professor from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Kentucky (UKY). He also has a joint appointment with the UKY Center of Visualization and Virtual Environments. Before joining UKY in 2004, he was a computer scientist in the Scientific Data Mining group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Samson received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley in 2002. His work spans a number of different areas in multimedia including video copy detection, data mining, video surveillance, privacy protection, encrypted-domain signal processing, and computational multimedia for therapy. He is an associated editor of IEEE Transactions of Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Signal Processing: Image Communications, and EURASIP Journal on Information Security. He is a senior member of both IEEE and ACM.

Doctoral Students



Nkiruka “Nikky” Uzuegbunam





Wanxin Xu (MS’12)






M. Usman Rafique




Sidrah Liaqat



  • Po-Chang Su (PhD’17, MS’13; currently a research engineer at Dwango Co., Ltd. In Tokyo, Japan)
  • Shaoqian Wang (MS’16)
  • Hasan Sajid (PhD’16, MS’14; currently an assistant professor at National University of Sciences and Technology at Islamabad, Pakistan)
  • Zhaohong Wang (PhD’16, currently an assistant professor at California State University at Chico)
  • Ying Luo (PhD’14, currently an assistant professor at Purdue University Calumet)
  • Ju Shen (PhD’14, currently an assistant professor at University of Dayton)
  • Yuqi Zhang (MS’14)
  • Edwin Sathiyamoorthy (MS’11, currently at NeuroFocus)
  • Prashanth Rao Periketi (MS’11, currently at Qualcomm)
  • Anusha Raghunathan (MS’11, currently at Intel)
  • Jithendra Paruchuri (MS’08, currently at 3VR)
  • Jian Zhao (PhD ’11, MS’08, currently at Microsoft)
  • Shuiming Ye (Postdoc’10, currently at Qualcomm)
  • Vijay Venkatesh Mahalingam (PhD’10, currently at Synaptics)
  • Viswajith Karapoondi Nott (MS’09)
  • Jayashri Rane (MS’07, currently at  PTC)
  • Nan Hu (MS’07, currently at Stanford)

Gone but not forgotten

  • Qingguo Xu
  • Sayed Mahdi Saghaian
  • Cheng Hao Chang
  • Larry Profitt
  • Greg Schardein
  • Felix Setyawan
  • Motoki Mizoguchi
  • Van Yadeck
  • Mamode Ufomata