Graphics Vision Technology Laboratory


 Ruigang Yang Ph.D

  Ph.D, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Phone: 859.257.1257 Ext: 81282

Lab Manager

Yongwook Song








Ph.D Students

Bo Fu

Hui Lin

Changpeng Ti


Past Members

Jizhou Gao (Ph.D. 2013 currently Software Engineering Developer in Apple’s 3D Flyover Maps Team)

Liang Wang (Ph.D. 2012, currently a senior scientist at Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning) 

Miao Liao (Ph.D. 2011, currently Senior Researcher at Sharp Labs of America) 

Xianwang Wang (Ph.D. 2010, currently Researcher at HP Labs, Palo Alto) 

Steve Dominick (MS 2010, currently at Lexmark)

Xinyu Huang (Ph.D. 2010, currently Assistant professor at North Carolina Central University)

Matt Steel (Post Doc, currently at Amazon)

Jiejie Zhu (PostDoc,  currently Computer Scientist in VT center, SRI International Sarnoff)

Yongwook Song (MS 2008)

Jin Zhou (MS 2008)

Srivalli Revath Neelam

Vijai Raghunathan (MS 2007)

Subhasri Krishnan (MS 2007)

Mingxuan Sun (MS 2006)

Sifang Li (MS 2006)