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Power UP: Teaching Students About Energy

Have you ever wondered where the electricity that powers your lights, computers and air conditioning comes from? Understanding basic principles of energy production and conservation is vital information for all of us. The Vis Center Media for Research Team has recently completed a joint project with the Center for Applied Energy Research that provides high school teachers around the state with high quality energy education materials.

Entitled Power UP!, the project includes a mobile app, website and seven shorts videos that teach fundamental elements of energy production, use, conservation and water impact. The project is aimed at high school teachers who often use iPads in the classroom and are able to use short videos on seven topics to supplement their lessons.

To learn more about the project visit:

The videos and other information are available on the website as well as on a mobile iPad app available through iTunes.

To read more about the collaboration with CAER and the State Cabinet for Energy and Environment visit UKNOW.



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