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Laurence Hassebrook

Laurence Hassebrook Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
(859) 257-8040
Room 219

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Dr. Laurence Hassebrook is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His work combines 3D Data Acquisition, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence (AI). His current projects serve to capture and match 3D detail of finger and palm print ridges. This is pioneering work and part of a national effort to achieve non-contact legacy finger- and palm-print capture capability. Dr. Hassebrook’s other projects concern the 3D surface capture of objects in motion, specifically focused on capturing facial expressions at video rates. To make use of these 3D face scans, Hassebrook’s team uses both pattern recognition and AI to automatically identify facial features, combine the facial features into an optimum facial structure and then track the facial expression through time. The resulting “wire frame” data can be used for biometrics, human computer interaction, special effects and biomedical applications. His longer term plan is to extend the facial capture techniques to whole body and even group scans of people in motion.

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