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Brent Seales

Brent Seales Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Computer Science

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
(859) 257-1257 x81336
Room 102-G

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Dr. Brent Seales is a professor and chair of the Department of Computer Science. Dr. Seales’ research focuses on digital imaging in two very different directions: medical imaging and cultural heritage. His EDUCE project (Enhanced Digital Unwrapping for Conservation and Exploration) seeks to create readable images of texts such as papyrus scrolls, without opening them, using minimally invasive scanning and virtual unwrapping. Dr. Seales is developing and evaluating new techniques for digital acquisition, restoration, and visualization using real-world library collections with particular focus on preservation and dissemination. He is also the director of the STITCH project (Surgical Technology Integration with Tools for Cognitive Human Factors), which envisions a networked operating room of the future, where computers and surgical instruments are connected. The result: an enriched and more efficient environment for surgeons.

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