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Media for Research in Montana

Have you ever wondered where the electricity that powers your lights, computers and air conditioning comes from? Understanding basic principles of energy production and conservation is vital information for all of us. The Vis Center Media for Research Team has recently completed a joint project with the Center for Applied Energy Research that provides high school teachers around the state with high quality energy education materials. Read more…

Samson Cheung Awarded NSF Grant for Autism Therapy Research

Vis Center faculty member Dr, Sen-Ching (Samson) Cheung has been awarded funding from the National Science Foundation for his research into autism therapies using a “virtual mirror”. The research will develop new display and image progressing technology for synthesizing self-modeling and mirror feedback imageries. Read more…

Sabbatical at Google Helps Faculty Member Explore Research Ideas

While Vis Center faculty member Dr. Brent Seales was on sabbatical working at Google’s Cultural Institute he was able to provide us with a first hand account of the development of Google’s new on-line exhibits of important historical events. Read more…

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    Every day we see our world: the natural world, ourselves, other people, and the results of our creation. But how do we see them? And what would happen if we could see them differently - from a new angle, a different point of view, or a fresh perspective?

    The Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments seeks to create these new ways of seeing, to help us interpret our world, to reach a new understanding and to improve the human condition.

    Through multi-disciplinary research projects that encompass the fields of engineering, history, medicine, science, technology and art, the Vis Center brings together innovative researchers for the common goal of creating technology that transforms how we see the world.

    The Center for Visualization: creating new ways of seeing the world, new views of the world, and new things to see.

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